The first paint was made from lime to protect ancient monuments, and its enduring qualities are still with us all these centuries later. But not only is it reliable; it’s versatile.

Limewashing can be done in many different ways, from full coverage over your brick to allowing some of the brick to show through the paint. As lime paints age, they develop unique patterns and shadings that bring out color from the lime embedded in the paint. With time, white lime often takes on a sun-bleached look.

Limewashing works by covering bricks with a coating that absorbs into the masonry without trapping moisture. It’s made of natural, non-toxic ingredients, and even has the added benefit of being fungicidal. The crystals that form on the exterior cling to bricks and concrete for a protective finish that is porous to vapors, but resists stains. Owners of historic buildings apply lime wash to their brick to give it a natural, aged appearance.

With Garrett Painting’s limewashing service, you too can have the enduring, beautiful effects that people have been enjoying for millennia. We have worked in and out of Columbia’s homes for 15 years, and our crews are experts in customer service. It is our mission to ALWAYS be clean, courteous, and friendly. Contact us today to learn more about limewashing for your home.


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