Add More Color to Your Home — Tips for Summer 2023!

Add More Color to Your Home — Tips for Summer 2023! | Garrett Painting

Add More Color to Your Home — Tips for Summer 2023!

Ready to ditch neutrals? This summer, let Garrett Painting help spruce up your home with some bright, happy colors!

Color is an instant mood booster — a powerful decorating tool that can brighten your space and give it personality. Whether you’re hoping to dip your toes into the world of color or would like to paint your home every shade of the rainbow, we can help you find colors and styles that are right for you and your home.

Add More Color to Your Home — Tips for Summer 2023! | Garrett Painting

Accentuate Your Walls

Accent walls are still trending in the decorating industry. Accent walls are flexible, and their locations are personal to your preferences. Don’t shy away from bold colors. As long as your coordinate design elements with your wall, feel free to choose whatever color makes you happy and excited about your space. For a fun twist, try adding color to the ceiling — sometimes known as the fifth wall — as an accent wall. Accent ceilings can be created with soft or vivid colors. To create a stylish look, keep white crown molding for clean lines.

Tips for choosing an accent wall:

  • While choosing which wall to paint, consider the most eye-catching wall — typically the first one you notice when you enter a room. Look for architectural clues such as fireplaces or built-in bookcases. These elements will ensure that your accent wall is the intended focal point of the space.
  • Choose a wall that is symmetrical. Avoid walls with a slope or windows of varying sizes.
  • Consider your existing furnishings. If an accent wall is going to be covered by artwork, tall furniture or window treatments, it is not going to add much to the space. Try choosing a more open wall.
  • Don’t be afraid to choose bold colors for your accent wall. If your room and décor complement the color, it can be as bold as you’d like.

Add More Color to Your Home — Tips for Summer 2023! | Garrett Painting

Monochromatic Magic

Painting walls and trim the same color is a major trend. From fashion to home design, monochromatic looks are sweeping the home décor world. To create this dramatic look, paint your walls, ceiling, trim and doors the same color. Create a moody hallway with dark blue, green or even black. A monochromatic paint job is also great for those looking for a cozy office, library or den.

Monochromatic looks are not just for neutrals. Even with bold colors, a monochromatic room looks very modern. Without a break in color from ceiling to floor, the look is seamless. Monochromatic décor exhibits great personality. It can create a calm atmosphere or provide a coxy, warm feeling. As a bonus, monochromatic décor can also create an illusion of more square footage.

Here are some tips to create some monochromatic magic in your home:

  • Choose a color that you truly love. Take notes from your décor and wardrobe. What colors do you gravitate toward? You want to make sure that you pick a color that you feel comfortable with. Bright colors can create an energetic and playful feeling.
  • Painting an entire room with one color is a big decision. Start small, such as in a bathroom or hallway, which will make it less intimidating when you paint a larger space.
  • To create visual interest in your room, try switching up the levels of shine. Try using different sheens across walls and millwork, such as flat or matte on walls and semigloss on the trim. This adds enough contrast to create depth.
  • You don’t have to stick to one shade to create a monochromatic space. Try selecting color variations that work together. Color swatches are a great place to find inspiration. By using colors that vary in lightness and saturation, you can create a clean, modern look.

Add More Color to Your Home — Tips for Summer 2023! | Garrett Painting

Front Door Fun

Ready to welcome color to your home without too much commitment? Try statement front doors. Boost curb appeal and add some fun with a new brightly colored door.

  • For a classic, vibrant color that exudes positive energy, try painting your door red. This bold color is often seen in Colonial-style homes and was traditionally used as a sign of welcome. As a primary color, red has much versatility.
  • Looking for a statement but have a traditional style? Navy blue is your color. Navy will bright a polished, sophisticated look to your home’s exterior. Paired with white trim, this classic pairing will give your home a moody, coastal feel. Navy also contrasts nicely with brick.
  • Teal front doors welcome guests with a calm, colorful and modern vibe. This versatile color complements many exterior color palettes. Whether your home has dark blue, white or even brick, teal stands out without crowding other colors.

Add More Color to Your Home — Tips for Summer 2023! | Garrett Painting

Bathroom Beauty

For some added fun, bring bright colors into small spaces in your home such as bathrooms and laundry rooms. Paint can make a huge impact in small spaces. Along with enhancing the ambience, paint can often trick the eye into making a space feel larger.

  • Shades of blue will give your bathroom a spa-like, coastal feel. When paired with white trim and brass hardware, the space will feel comforting yet elevated. To keep your space unique, you might consider choosing a color that is not previously used in your home.
  • Hoping to make bath time and teeth brushing more fun? Bring favorite colors to your kids’ bathroom or try pairing bright cabinets with printed wallpaper.
  • If you’d like to keep your walls neutral, let your cabinets do all the work. Bright cabinets are an easy way to spice up a bathroom and make it unique.

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Shane Garrett founded Garrett Painting in the summer of 2000. Since then, Shane has grown his company based upon three basic principles:

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Shane knew early on that great customer service and word-of-mouth advertising are the keys to running successful business. It wasn’t long before Garrett Painting earned a reputation for excellence. Today, Garrett Painting is proud to count many of their first customers as continued customers. We know that when we do a job well, our customers become our best supporters and that their home is our calling card. With a team of 15 to 20 employees, Shane leads the crew of painters and customer service professionals, each of whom are trained and held to the highest standards.

Garrett Painting’s Expert Crew

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At Garrett Painting, we live by four company values: Integrity, reliability, quality and experience.

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Along with these values, we pair our high-quality service with high-quality paints, such as those from Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams. High-quality paints have more prime pigments, which provide an easier application, have a greater durability and show better color retention. High-end paint allows for a long-lasting paint job, especially in high-traffic areas like entryways, kitchens and bathrooms.

With its increased durability, quality paint results in less peeling, cracking, scuffing, fingerprints, fading and chalking.
Quality paint not only provides beautiful color to your spaces, but it also protects against mildew and spoilage. Lower-quality paints do not contain as many binders (resins), which serve as a protectant.