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Why should you choose Garrett Painting for your commercial painting project?

The answer is simple: 5-star professional craftsmanship service and years of experience are at the heart of every project we work on.

A fresh coat of paint can give any business or office a much-needed facelift. Whether you’re looking to touch up the existing color, or go with something completely different, Garrett Painting will provide you with superior quality commercial painting services.

Our commitment to craftsmanship means we are dedicated to providing the best commercial painting services in mid-Missouri and using only premium paint. We take the time to ensure our tarps and tape are exact, each coat of paint is even, and no corner or patch goes unpainted.

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The Garrett Painting Promise

  1. Scheduling. We show up on the scheduled date and complete your project on time.
  2. Cleanliness/Friendliness. Clean job site, organized. Approachable work crew who understand how to work with minimum disruption to the work place.
  3. Job planning and communication. Our step by step plan is communicated on our initial walk through. We communicate progress daily and focus on minimizing business disruption.
  4. Crew size and experience. We handle big jobs quickly and efficiently while maintaining our standards of high quality and craftsmanship.
  5. Trust. We deliver on schedule promises. We work to the line items on our quotation with no surprises.

Experience Superior Commercial Painting in Columbia and Mid-Missouri

Shot of Old Hawthorne Clubhouse
Painting work on Focus on Health Chiropractic

When Team Garrett takes on the project, We work with passion to give you the results with quality that you come to expect of us. You can watch this short video to see Garrett crew in action.

Garrett Painting provides painting services for Mid Missouri
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