Employee Spotlight: Daniel Dodson, Project Coordinator

Employee Spotlight: Daniel Dodson, Project Coordinator

Daniel having some fun at the Garrett holiday party in 2022.

My name is Daniel Dodson, and I have been with Garrett Painting for over 15 years and in the painting industry for over 17 years. Today, I work as a project coordinator for Garrett Painting and Garrett Remodeling.

I first started painting in Georgia where we did a lot of old-school painting with no taping. Back then, all the cutting was done by brush, and the baseboards were the last thing that we painted on our way out the door. Due to a need for accuracy, baseboards are considered one of the most challenging aspects of painting.

I have always been artistic and loved drawing, sculpting and canvas painting from time to time. While living down south, I developed a basic knowledge of painting. I found myself painting and doing other things around my home, which led me to trying faux finishes. Faux finishes, essentially, set the bar for me, and then I knew I would continue to paint as a career.

I have two children. Dyllin, who is 19, works at Garrett Painting, too. My daughter is a sophomore in high school and spends most of her day chatting with her friends online. If I’m not painting or doing other projects around my home, I am likely doing outdoor activities such as hiking, camping or the occasional float trip. I have a decent collection of Hot Wheels Cars and Diecast Cars, so you might also find me daily in the Hot Wheels aisle at Walmart!