Garrett Painting Now Offers Soft Washing!

Garrett Painting Now Offers Soft Washing!

How does soft washing compare to power washing?

Garrett Painting now offers soft washing, an alternative to traditional power washing, to our customers!

Soft washing is a safe choice for cleaning your home’s exterior.

A soft wash system uses environmentally safe chemical solutions to clean the siding, soffits and gutters on the exterior of your home with only slightly more water pressure than an average hose. Unlike pressure washing, soft washing your home does not rely on pressure or force to clean.

Soft washing = low pressure. Best for cleaning stucco, wood or shaker siding, painted wood, fencing, brick and asphalt shingles.

Pressure washing = high pressure. Best for brick or concrete exteriors.

Soft washing
• Reduces the chance for damage to your exterior
• Increases the longevity of your home
• Keeps pests away
• Uses eco-friendly detergents and requires less water than power washing

Did you know? A clean home exterior protects your family from allergens like pollen and mold — plus removes dirt, grime, mildew and insect nests hiding in nooks and crannies. Professional exterior washing does more than keep your home looking beautiful. Cleaning your home’s exterior can increase the lifespan for your roof (and your entire home exterior).

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